EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping

Is stress making you feel like you are about to snap?



Continuous stress can cause emotional and physical pain. Stress is the reaction that you have to some underlying cause or event that is bothering you. How it will effect you has to do with your individual response to stress. When you don’t deal with the underlying cause, treating stress will be like taking pain killers for cancer. It doesn’t cure the cancer, it only helps alleviate the pain of the cancer.

photo of a woman holding her lower back

Habitual stress in your life can seem like an intractable condition.  That’s why when I tell people that there is actually a do it yourself technique that works quickly and effectively to expose the underlying cause of your stress, and get rid of the problem, they are skeptical.


In the US, allopathic medicine (regular M.D.) is the only treatment that most medical insurance will pay for. Many people are so convinced of conventional medicine’s superiority that they are not even open to considering that there are ways to heal that don’t come in a pill! They won’t even try a different approach. It’s very unfortunate, and potentially deadly. The pharmaceutical corporations make billions of dollars despite the statistics that show the 4th leading cause of death in this country is from prescription medication! Why would you want to make yourself so vulnerable without even trying another approach to healing?


EFT tapping-points-diagramI discovered EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique and have been amazed how it works. It’s also called “tapping” because that’s what you do. There are specific meridians that run through your body. These are some of the same places that are used in acupuncture. With tapping, you forgo the needles and instead tap on specific points on your body while deliberately experiencing the “feelings” that are bothering you, or causing you pain. While tapping, you may find spontaneous thoughts arising that will lead you to understand the underlying causes of your problem. While tapping, and going through this process, you will find your pain and problem is lessening.  For some people one session can make a profound difference; for others it may take a number of sessions (that can be over a period of hours), or days; in extreme situations it may take longer. But the bottom line is IT WORKS for most people.

I recommend that you investigate for yourself.  This DVD movie “The Tapping Solution” will take your through the experience of a group of people who were trained in how to use this remarkable tool. There are also fascinating interviews with experts who have been using EFT with their clients.

I can tell you that this has worked well for me with healing a recurring problem with achilles tendonitis that kept me sidelined for a long time. The first bout that I suffered had me going for physical therapy for months, wearing special orthotics (very expensive), doing stretches, and abstaining from tennis and even walking!  I was miserable. It finally went away after 8 months. But I was so miserable that I worried every time I felt a twinge in my heel! When it started again 4 years later, I felt really depressed and concerned. Then I thought about trying tapping. I figured, “it can’t hurt me!” I went to group practice with an EFT practitioner, and after about 1.5 hours of going through a number of tapping sessions, the pain was so much better. I tapped along with the other group members who were working on other issues. But the best thing that happened was the next day, the tendonitis was GONE!!  I’m not saying it was better, there was no evidence that I had any condition! I had been limping, taking anti-inflammatory medication, not sleeping from the pain, resting and not exercising other than stretching.  The day I did EFT was one of my worst!  The next day it was gone.

So, the question is, do you want to dismiss something because it sounds weird, woo woo, or like a placebo effect? (By the way, EFT works on animals that have no idea of what is being done to them!). Or are you willing to find out more and TRY it on everything? What do you have to lose, except pain or some condition that has been bothering you?

I work with people who are unsure about how to use EFT on their condition. I want to assure you that I have used EFT on myself, and continue to use it practically everyday for so many issues.  They say: Try it on Everything. Really, what have you got to lose? Write to me if you want more information.