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Brain Fooling Tricks to Control Over-Eating

You may be out of your mind when you’re eating. I mean you go on automatic pilot and just put the food in front of you into your mouth.

But there IS a way to manage how much you eat without weighing it and trying a one-size-fits-all approach like a diet.

In my newest eBook, you’ll find some pretty funny facts about how our brain can be fooled so you don’t over-eat.

This is NOT a Diet book

I want to assure you that dieting will result in one thing: regaining weight for 95-98% of people who go on a diet! And dieting  causes you to GAIN additional weight from where you started! Don’t do it! But you can make sure that you’re not over-eating when you use these tricks to fool your brain so you don’t overeat by mistake! 

Did you know, that unless you are REALLY careful, you are probably eating more than you think? It’s because most people are multi-tasking while eating, or not paying attention to the signs that your body gives you that tells you to STOP eating! 

This eBook, Brain Fooling Tricks has the methods that will FOOL your brain into thinking, and your stomach into feeling that you had enough to eat. It’s a sneaky way to eat until you’re filled, but end up eating less! But not too much less, or else you will kick in Nature’s Fat Conservation Metabolism Slowing Program – the result of restriction and dieting! I teach you how to find that “sweet spot” where you won’t feel hungry, but you are still lowering your intake minimally. And you won’t “mind” it – I mean your brain won’t think that you are on a diet and set off the alarms!

 You’ll learn how to actually FOOL your brain, so it doesn’t figure out you’re eating less! You will get “the skinny” on tricks that you can use to fool your mind, so that you don’t slow down your metabolism, and get into the yo-yo syndrome. 

Mindful Eating Instructions

Mindful eating is the second part – where you learn  how to eat what you love, and love what you eat – WITHOUT gaining weight! Because when you think about it- your stomach and your mind are in SYNC and you eat just what you need!

BONUS Section!

AND there’s even a bonus section included!


Don’t hesitate! Get it now and get started-

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