Stress Relief that you can Measure

You have stress? I know about it myself. I used to feel absolutely miserable when I heard that ring tone. You know, the one that is the sound of emergency vehicles in Europe. That’s the sound I picked to let me know when my brother was calling. You see, I don’t have a great relationship with him. There’s always drama and generally anger in every call. I don’t use the term “always” very often, but in the case it’s totally appropriate.

Your boss just yelled at you; you don’t have enough money to pay off the credit card this month; your mother isn’t feeling well and needs more help from you;  your spouse has been moody and you don’t know why.  Life happens while we’re busy making other plans. And the result is an unhappy feeling that we think of as stress.

Why is it we always get sick when we can least afford to take off time. People need us and especially for us women,  it’s so hard to say “no”. But when you ignore the mild feelings that stress brings: stiff neck, stomach or head ache – whatever signals your body gives you, it’s going to get worse.

Stress becomes your re-action to many events until you learn how to manage it. Notice the term: RE-action. It’s a habit. But the good thing is you can break a bad habit and replace it with a good one. And that’s what I learned to do when I found HeartMath®.

The Best Stress Relief for Me

I’m the kind of person who needs proof. Lots of people are more willing just to trust what someone says to them, but I’m a bit more skeptical. When I first heard about HeartMath and their methods of stress relief I wanted to see the evidence it worked. And that’s just what I found on their site.

So, if you want actual scientific evidence that practicing with EmWave devices following really pleasant stress relief techniques that are somewhat similar to meditation, really works  read about it here.

Learn with Feedback from your body

But you should try it for yourself and see how your body responds to “cardio-contemplation” . In the beginning it was really tough for me to get the feedback from my heart rate variability that showed my focusing on feeling joy and appreciate was making a difference. But in a short time, I could CONSISTENTLY get the sounds and light signals that showed I WAS making a difference in my body’s ability to calm down.  And the best news is, it lasts way longer than the session when you are practicing.

How do I know? Because my brother’s phone call doesn’t bother me as much. When someone posts something on facebook that attacks me, it slides off, like water off a duck’s back. I’m a lot calmer under stress. And my autoimmune condition is MUCH improved.

Even better Stress Relieving News

If money is tight, here’s a double winning solution. All of HeartMath’s products are on SALE! and there’s free shipping!

So that solves two problems!  And you can also give it as a gift to the most stressed out person (maybe your boss?) and have them calm down!

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But don’t wait – start practicing now! And BTW, I’m offering a special program for people with STRESS EATING issues! Do you use “comfort food” as a stress relief method? I’m sure you realize it doesn’t work. Let’s work together on the most effective way for you to manage emotional eating once and for all – write to me so we can see it this program is right for you.


you can choose how to live your life by adjusting your mindset.signature from Lianda Ludwig

PS- I’m a licensed HeartMath Stress Eating and Stress Relief Coach. – I got trained because it worked for ME!



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