Excellent Books – Get Informed!

Here are some of the most influence books and movies that I recommend HIGHLY. They will give you the information and TOOLS to empower you to take control of your weight, health and happiness.

If you’ve been on every diet and always gain back the weight, it’s time for you to learn why. HINT: It’s a Big Fat Lie.
IF you are open enough to learn Truths about dieting and the diet industry, this may be a life changing book for you.

Dietland is a novel. If you are “over weight” (some anorexic Diet Guru’s decision that is based upon preference and their ability to suck you into another diet- and make more money off your misery)- and you hate your body you MUST read this book. Sure, it’s a little racy…. but the message is so profound that it can make you reconsider everything you “Know” about why you are dieting… Let me know what you think.

Stop The Thyroid Madness is my #1 recommendation if  you have symptoms that indicate you may have a thyroid problem. Is your body temperature low, cold hands/cold feet, hair falling out, lost the out third of your eyebrow, constipated……

Most doctors are ill informed about this VERY complex and most important area of medicine. They rely on the TSH test which is completely inadequate to determine the healthy functioning of your thyroid gland. To add insult to injury, most doctors will also rely on synthetic medication that do little to alleviate the problems created by thyroid disease. Get informed – get EMPOWERED! Read this book – No Kidding!