You are in the wrong place if you are looking for:


  • The old promise of a diet to lose 10 or more pounds in one week  (that triggers your body’s fat storage mode)

  • The newest fat-burning method of exercise that will give you six-pack abs

  • a Diet or Lifestyle Change plan (that sabotages your ability to maintain your weight loss)

  • a “Nutritional” or exercise program that makes you avoid certain foods, count calories, grams, or minutes or hours of exercise….

  • Diet programs that make you think that you are unattractive unless your body is “perfect”

You’ve come to the right place IF:


  • You’ve lost weight and regained it on a diet and are ready to stop blaming yourself for failing

  • You realize that “eat less and exercise more” is not the answer to weight issues

  • You are ready to stop hating your body

  • You realize that STRESS in your life has played a central role that has contributed to your weight challenge, and HAS to be managed to re-establish a healthy, trusting relationship with your mind and body.

Mindful Eating

Many people start mindful eating, believing this is going to help you lose weight. Part of that belief can be because your coach is thin. Also, actual diet sites are now using the language of Intuitive Eating but are still REALLY diet sites. You can tell the difference if your coach or program has you weighing yourself, or eliminating certain foods in favor of others. They may say, “it’s a lifestyle change” – but
NO- IT IS A DIET. Get out of there fast, or you’ll end up gaining more weight!

Some people MAY lose some weight with mindful eating, but this is NOT always the case. Some people do lose weight, and some don’t. But if you are trying Mindful Eating, Intuitive Eating, or HAES (Health at Any Size) believing you are going to lose weight, you still have a diet mentality. Diets don’t work.

When you are able to learn about Mindful Eating from a heavy coach, you know you have stopped believing that Intuitive Eating is going to help you lose weight. AND, Mindful Eating is part of a plan of normalizing your relationship to food, but it is leaving out a very important component that many people suffer from: Emotional Eating!


What is Emotional Eating – or Stress Eating?

If you’ve had a bad day at work, a fight with your significant other or any other stressful event and go for “comfort food” to calm yourself, that is emotional eating. If you are not hungry, but find yourself in the kitchen looking for something to eat you are probably reacting to emotional needs rather than physical hunger. You’re trying to fill an emptiness in side you with food. If this is only an occasional behavior, it’s not a problem.  But Emotional Eating leads to MindLESS eating. And that’s why practicing Mindful Eating alone may not be sufficient for you to really ditch your diet mentality and free yourself from being out of control around food.

comparison of physical and emotional hunger


Your positive mindset about your body combined with learning the truth about dieting is the path towards health and happiness.

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You can learn to eat just like a slender person. 

? Imagine what your life will be like next year if you continue dieting and expecting different results:
additional weight, and additional heartache.

You deserve a better life! Ditch your diet!