How to achieve your goal


Having a goal is the first step towards achieving it. But there are people whose lives are so constrained, that they have forgotten HOW to dream; or they don’t even allow themselves the time, or energy to IMAGINE what they want to do with their lives. This can even be a description of “depression”. You are stuck in a pattern, but not even looking for a way out!

I hope that YOU are not one of the people I’ve described above. Not allowing yourself to ponder the possibility of what you can do, or can be, in your life IS the ultimate self-limitation. Only you know, in your heart, what is important to you personally. You have your own inborn set of talent, passion and special gifts that you are meant to share. But so many people are directed by other’s focus, instead of their own.

From the time you were born, the people who raised you directed your life. Their opinions (because EVERYTHING that anyone says is THEIR statement of their values and beliefs aka: opinion) helped to form who you are right now. And of course, there was the impact of your culture, your friends, religion, media and society’s “norms”. Yes, it all gets imbedded in your subconscious mind. For most people, eventually it also becomes what you believe about yourself. However, history is NOT destiny. And you can also change your beliefs, and your life if you want to do so.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up in the wrong place!

So, how do you open and change your mind: By listening to your heart! The unhappiness, the stress, the misalignment that  causes dis-ease and lack of fulfillment is the result of the disconnect between what your head is telling you, and what your heart knows.

How can you make your life fulfilling and joyful? How can you make a transition from boring to bountiful? It’s not a matter of your “don’t have’s”…. it’s a matter of making a decision that you want to reconnect with your source to re-establish or strengthen the connection that has always been there. When you are living the life that you know in your heart to be the “REAL” you, life becomes a lot better in every way. You have confidence, because you KNOW it in your heart!

You can literally connect with your heart in times when you put your focus on joy and appreciation. Through quiet focus and intentionally “feeling” and reconnecting with your heart, you will be amazed at the clarity that comes to you.  You can do this on your own. I suggest you set aside time every day to do this practice. Journaling about your realizations is a good way to see your progress. As a HeartMath 1 on 1 provider, that’s part of what I help my clients to achieve.

If you are unsure of your goals, then you don’t know the road to take. I invite you to schedule a strategy session to help you decide if you are ready to live YOUR life. Are you ready for Transition Confidence?