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 Another Diet Failure?

It seems like you can’t lose weight. Have you been on every diet plan, and found that the weight has come back? In fact, have you been on LOTS of diets, and the weight has always come back and brought along with it some “insurance pounds” to punish you?  Do you blame yourself because you can’t lose weight, believing that you ate too much, or didn’t exercise enough? It sounds like the Diet Industry has brainwashed you along with everyone else who can’t lose weight.

Losing weight for some is no problem, but maintaining weight loss for 95% of the population is impossible. Now, do you really think that only 5% of people have the discipline to follow a diet?

The diet industry makes over $60 BILLION a year trying to convince you:

  • That being overweight is unhealthy (it’s not, except in the extreme)
  • That their newest diet plan will be the way you’ll lose weight
  • That only a lifestyle change (eating less, or avoiding certain foods, and exercising more) is the way to lose weight.

No Diet Works The Best

It’s all a big fat lie. NO DIET is more effective than any other diet for losing weight. No eating plan is more effective than any other eating plan. There are billions Asian people whose diets focus on carbs- and they’re not all fat. There are millions of people who have different focus on eating (eating meat, or being vegetarian), and they’re not all fat. There are lots of Eskimos who live on FAT, and they’re not all fat!

In fact, if you really think about it: what do you naturally thin friends eat? My friend Yolanda and I played tennis, did aerobics, walked, had kids around the same time. The one difference is she ALWAYS ate copious amounts of food while I ate rabbit food, and was always “watching my diet”.  Guess what? She’s still thin, and still eats like a champion. I, on the other hand gained weight with every diet that I went on over DECADES. And despite being physically active the entire time, I gained weight until I started doing SERIOUS RESEARCH and discovered that the Diet Industry was LYING to us to enrich themselves!!

Why Did You Gain Weight?

I have a couple of questions you should consider: what do your parent’s bodies look like? – your siblings? There’s a huge factor of genetics. Twin separated at birth and raised apart never knowing each other end up being a couple of pounds different in weight from each other. Way closer to each other than the parents and family that raised them!

Did you just start gaining weight? Why do I ask? I tell people:

“don’t take a pain pill to manage pain in your foot from the pebble in your shoe”.

A diet is the pill: stress is the pebble.

Most people who over-eat are dealing with stress; a lack of sleep (stress); over-exercising (stress) and under-eating (stress). Do you see a pattern here?  People are using food as a drug for comfort. So WHY would you think that dieting is going to work? It’s not eliminating the reason that you are over-eating, or binging!

Weight Set Point

Dieting is the perfect way to end up eventually re-gaining weight, plus additional insurance pounds- because your body’s NATURAL REACTION is to slow your metabolism, and make you tired and unmotivated to exercise because it is trying to prevent you from starving to death and getting back to a weight set point. Every time you diet, you get that set point higher. And that’s why the more dieting you do, the heavier you’re going to get!!

Are you Dying to Lose Weight?

I know how frustrating it is. Some women say that they would be willing to give up years of their lives to have a thin body! It’s so sad that women have been conditioned to believe that their self-worth is so tied in to their appearance. And it’s not easy bucking the trends in society. The actresses are thin, the models are thinner. But unless it’s your body type, just look and see how eventually the women who have dieted have all gained weight.
Eating Disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia are KILLING more young women than any other mental disorder! And you can have disordered eating patterns (orthorexia- eating only “clean) that are still damaging your metabolism and health.

Look at Oprah: a woman with a personal trainer, a personal chef, personal everything! And OPRAH has not been able to maintain the weight she has lost EVER. Now she’s with Weight Watchers – and you’ll be able to “watch her weight” go back again, I promise you!

How To Lose Weight

So, the question is: how do you lose weight? You can follow most diets – and lose some weight- but the most important thing is: How do you MAINTAIN the weight loss? I am NOT going to lie to you. Unfortunately, there is no answer that medicine has yet come up with.

 IF there was a diet that actually worked, wouldn’t EVERYONE go on it, lose weight, and then forget about dieting forever?

No, lifestyle change doesn’t do it either. I really encourage you to get educated about this issue. Read about the Minnesota Starvation Study that in VERY convincing about how diets can even make you CRAZY. I’m NOT kidding!

Stop Eating to Fill an Empty Heart – Stress Eating

The fact is, it’s not just what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you! It’s about controlling stress, and using your body’s natural responses to emotional hunger! 

Unfortunately, the power of the Diet Industry has brainwashed 99.9% of the population that still believes that the way to lose weight is to  “eat less and exercise more”.  Weight issues are not about what you are eating, but what’s eating you!  

But I can promise you that if you don’t have a medical condition that is making you gain weight (thyroid, adrenal problems or other medical issues; lack of sleep), that stress relief practiced daily and not dieting is the path towards maintaining your weight, and maybe, possibly, naturally dropping a few pounds.

Mindful or Intuitive Eating

Eating mindfully is also called “intuitive eating” is NOT dieting. Mindful eating is about enjoying your food and paying attention to the feelings of hunger and satiation (eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’ve had enough) is nature’s method of telling you how much to eat. Mindful eating is also about paying attention to your food, not reading, talking on the phone, watching TV or other things that are going to distract you from your body’s signal of satiation. It ends up making food taste better- but if you’re doing it correctly, your brain actually makes the food taste less delicious as you are getting full! Yes, Mother Nature is VERY sneaky and effective!

The Serenity Prayer of Body Acceptance

Serenity Prayer in calligraphy applies to body acceptance

It’s hard to accept that you’re never going to be a super model. Maybe you’re shorter than you hoped you would be. Most of use have something that we’re not totally pleased with about our body. But how long are you going to torture yourself to do something that may NOT be possible? I live with the Serenity Prayer over my desk. (I promise you, this is the truth). It says it ALL. Grant me the Serenity to ACCEPT the things I cannot change, the Courage to CHANGE the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.

I know some of you will not accept that you cannot get thin again, and you’ll probably leave this site saying that you’re going to prove me wrong. It may takes months or years for you to gain that “wisdom” along with the weight you’ve regained. I hope not. In fact, I hope that you make it into the 5% of people who maintain weight loss – but you have a 95% change that you won’t, and that you will regain weight and additional pounds as well.

Why not try stress relief, and mindful eating instead? Don’t fight a losing battle with your body. Make peace with yourself.



dog licking face of a fat woman


Most important- learn to accept yourself the way you are; don’t let bullies and fat shamers get to you…. because that too, is stressful. Love yourself the way your dog does- skinny or fat; tall or short, pretty or ugly…. Because your dog sees who you ARE, and doesn’t judge your appearance.




My  Mindful Eating-Stress Diet can change your relationship to food and your body.

The best way to start is by taking my evaluation and scheduling a strategy session . This way, we can have a very specific evaluation of your weight challenge. I can recommend the program will help you best. I don’t want you wasting your time or money on a program that isn’t suited for you.

You can do it – and I will help you!

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